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Letter: Staneski, Kennedy Will Put People First

Dear Readers:

I don’t remember a time when elections have become more about how much mud we can sling at one another versus how much real information is given for a fair election process.  No one agrees 100% with someone all the time; that being said, when looking at who will be the best choice for our State and the ever-growing issues we face is very simple for me.

How can we continue to listen to the democrats talk about fixing this state?  Did we forget how long they have held both the house and senate?  They are the ones that control what goes on.

We need strong leadership for the coming years in CT and I back both Pam Staneski as well as Kathleen Kennedy to lead this State.  Pam has been a part of the House of Representatives, she brings knowledge, the ability to talk about issues, she understands where people are coming from and works with both sides of the aisle.  Pam works for women’s issues and unlike what her opponent says, she fights for what is right.  She fought by working with both sides to help Orange keep funding for our children, which helped us with our taxes.  Pam joined the Republican delegation in stopping the increase in sales tax, a cell phone tax, a tire tax, along with adding back tolls to our state.

The Democrats even sided with the Republicans to put a check on spending and borrowing through a spending and bonding cap.  However, without Republicans in power, we will get what Ned Lamont has publicly promised.  He will raise taxes, he will increase property taxes, he will continue to be a tax and spend Governor.

Both Pam and Kathy care about the economy, both care about you, and both care about our state.  Kathy will be a tough fighter taking Pam’s seat on the House side.  Knowing Kathy for many years, she quietly watched both sides in Milford for many years.  She stayed steadfast in her ability to keep an open mind and never took sides.  When something was not right, Kathy was the first person to stand up and say so.  She will hold true to her beliefs and she will be a strong advocate for the 119th.  We have a choice this election year, continue on with the Democrat controlled House, Senate, and Governor or make a change and elect strong, fiscally responsible leaders who will put each of us first.  This election is not about Washington, this election is about our neighbors, our families and our friends.  Don’t be tricked.

Thank you,

Jude Toohey

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