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Letter: Some Regulations Are Not Bad

America has regulations to protect people and wildlife, air, water and public lands as well as our healthcare and education system, among many other issues.  Democratic candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to social issues which protect us.

Government agencies should work to protect individual rights, our environment, and our children for a healthy prosperous future for everyone.  The EPA should regulate harmful emissions and chemicals from entering our air, water and lands, not allow pollutants in our atmosphere.  The Endangered Species Act has protected our wildlife and their habitats which support them for decades.  Secretary Betsy DeVos is supposed to enforce regulations designed to protect our public education system and students from sexual harassment and predatory student loans.  The Affordable Care Act was passed to help people with pre-existing conditions continue their health insurance, as well as provide affordable health choices for millions of Americans.

Let us not be fooled into thinking that regulations are bad.  When November 6th elections are here, think about a sustainable planet where all future generations can thrive. Think about our healthcare, our child care, our schools.  Your vote is your voice!

Beverly Propen
Orange, CT

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