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Letter: Senior Center Grateful for Orange Foundation Donation

The Orange Foundation, Bob Archabault is the President, donated money to the Orange Senior Center for its annual Holiday program. We had delicious food along with entertainment from Michael Rae, who sang constantly for one hour.  We had a wonderful luncheon of delicious appetizers with donuts and hot coffee.  The staff was very busy bringing out all the food for us to eat.  We had wraps, chicken nuggets, meatballs and never ending shrimp.  We had free raffle prizes: four gift cards from Starbucks and two beautiful Christmas decorated baskets donated by Suzanne Anderson.  The tree was a glow and we were able to take home centerpieces of snowmen hats and candy cane flavored Hershey Kisses. As an added feature we did not have to go out of town; rather we just went to the senior center.  I am so grateful to live in the town where everything is there for us.

Della Greenberg

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