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Letter: Senator Maroney is a True Leader

I have known James Maroney a long time and can attest first-hand to his character, his competence, and his compassion for others.  His tireless effort to try and do what is right to create opportunity for everyone is an inspiration.

A small business owner by day, he helps students and families prepare and plan for college and the future.  In his spare time, he brews beer for his friends to share.  No matter what he is doing, he applies passion and intellect.

As a State Senator, he has accepted an enormous amount of responsibility.  He sits on 8 committees, is Chairman of General Law, Chairman of Veterans Affairs, and Deputy Majority Leader.

In true leadership fashion, he capitalized on his committee assignments to create impact and opportunity for everyone.  He sponsored, or co-sponsored, into law several important bills.  For me, the one that stands out is the Military-to-Machinist Program, signed into law last year.

My father was a Marine, who had his military career cut short by a knee injury after Vietnam.  For many Veterans, the transition back into regular life is a constant struggle that can take decades.  For too many, it never happens at all.  Before he passed last year, I asked my father what he thought of the idea.  He said, “Something like that could change someone’s life.”  I think that says it all.

By using his influence to create opportunities that will improve lives, Senator Maroney is performing the role of an elected official exactly as it should be.  I proudly support James Maroney for reelection as State Senator in the 14th District.

Jay Zammiello

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