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Letter: Respect Your Neighbors Property

Every election season, we have issues with signs being destroyed or stolen.  This year seems particularly excessive.  Destroying, degrading or stealing of signs or personal property is punishable by law.  Neither party condones nor encourages this behavior and, we believe, many of the culprits are just out to do mischievous.

As chairs of the respective main parties in the Town of Orange, we are asking everyone to respect their neighbors’ property and right to display political signs for the candidates they support.  If you see anyone defacing or vandalizing signs, please call the local police and check your security cameras for any tape, so these people can be apprehended.

In the end, we are all neighbors who live together, whose kids go to school and engage in extra-curricular activities together.  Let’s all get along.

Thank you,

Jody Dietch, chair Orange Democratic Town Committee

Pio Imperati, chair, Orange Republican Town Committee

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