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Letter: Reader Denounces Eversource’s Actions

The citizens of Woodbridge and Orange-and any other area with Eversource high tension poles’ right of way – must be aware of what Eversource has done in our neighborhood.  In the guise of maintaining the hideous high-tension poles, Eversource has denuded abutting areas of all foliage and vegetation, leaving scorched area acreage and diminished home values.  Apparently, no concern was given to environmental damage, to ecological distress or to the animals whose habitats were so cruelly ruined.  At a recent town meeting with Eversource officials, Woodbridge town officials and local residents understood as it became clear that Eversource had no idea of its destruction nor any interest in its effects.  Our town leaders-our First Selectman and town attorney-were equally clueless on ways to protect their citizens or to prevent further rapacious Eversource activity.  I urge all residents to contact our town officials and Eversource to denounce Eversource’s actions and to urge the Town to either begin a class action against Eversource or to take other appropriate legal action.  You have been warned.  Our neighborhood wasn’t.

Elaine Albom Braffman, Esq.

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