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Letter: RBCC Acquisition is A Forward-Thinking Proposal

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, Orange Residents will have the opportunity to support the proposed acquisition of Racebrook Country Club.  Unlike open space land purchases in the past, this is considered a forward-thinking business investment which would return revenue to the Town via a lease agreement with RBCC over the next 40 years.  Above all and most importantly, it will give our Town 100% control of almost 300 meticulous kept acres of land purchased at a bargain price.   Our elected officials continue to make open space a priority for our Town which is commendable.  In doing so, it supports one of the many reasons why residents choose to live in Orange.  They desire a lifestyle in a small picturesque New England town that is blessed with an outstanding school system.  They also recognize the value of all the wonderful amenities that makes 06477 a fabulous place to call home.   The Board of Selectmen unanimously supports this purchase which speaks volumes on the magnitude of possible implications and negative consequences on the future of our Town if we don’t act accordingly.  I would like to share a thought I believe residents can relate to and find relevant to the matter at hand.  Over the past year, every one of us has learned to live our lives with a tremendous amount of uncertainty and the impact has been both difficult and challenging.  It would be fair to say we all yearn for the day we gain back our sense of control and are able to optimistically look forward to the future.  Voting YES for the purchase of Racebrook Country Club will allow just that.  Our Town would secure full control of all future decisions regarding this property and proactively circumvent the feeling of uncertainty that would inevitably be brought upon us and generations to follow for many years to come.  In closing, I would like to thank our Board of Selectmen and the owners of Racebrook Country Club for working together to formulate a proposal our residents won’t regret supporting on February 16, 2021.

Mary Shaw

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