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Letter: Orange Residents Well Served By Staneski, Klarides & Ferraro

The residents of Orange have been extremely well-served by our current House Delegation, State Rep. Themis Klarides, Charles Ferraro, and Pam Staneski.  For the past four years, their teamwork, passion, and bipartisan approach led to multiple bipartisan no tax increase budgets that saved the Town of Orange from Governor Dan Malloy’s cuts to education and municipal aid.

Without our delegation’s leadership, we would have seen the majority party Democrats pass 17 tax increases, including a tire tax, a restaurant tax, and a cell phone tax.  Without our delegation’s leadership, the Town of Orange would have lost millions in ECS and municipal aid funding.  Without our delegation’s leadership, tolls would have been placed on every single highway in Connecticut.  Without our delegation’s leadership, a state budget would have never been called by the majority party.

It’s very clear, without our delegation’s leadership, our state and our small town would have been devastated by the policies of Governor Dan Malloy and the majority party Democrats.  Our country’s economy is booming, yet our state’s economy has been decimated by eight years of gross, fiscal mismanagement – when is enough, enough?

When we head to the polls this November 6th, we need to vote for true leaders and re-elect Themis Klarides, Charles Ferraro, and send Pam Staneski to the Senate and Kathleen Kennedy to Hartford.

Pio A. Imperati

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