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LETTER: Orange Residents Sent A Message

Residents of Orange heard our message and we thank you for voting NO in rounds 1, 2 & 3.  Our town leaders need to do a better job of vetting candidates for the Amity Board of Education to ensure that the candidates share our values, strive for academic excellence and make Amity great again.

To clear up some misconceptions:

  • Funding would have continued based on the current budget if the referendum was voted down as in the past when the budget was vetoed 18 times;
  • The 2022-2023 budget proposed and unanimously passed by the bipartisan Orange Board of Finance fully supported the Amity program;
  • There were no cuts to teachers or programs in the proposed budget;

Unfortunately, many people bought into the fear and smear campaign and maligned our group of concerned parents, grandparents and other taxpayers accusing us of being anti-education and other nonsense.

So, a YES vote resulted in the following:

  • Mediocrity at a higher price;
  • Lack of accountability to parents;
  • An administration that allows students to dress as animals at school;
  • A dramatic drop in school rank passed off as nothing to be concerned about;
  • Continuation of steering the focus away from academic excellence;
  • Dozens of books in the library rated inappropriate for children under 18;
  • Doubling down on failed policies.

The enrollment is steadily dropping.  Why are there 7.2 new positions in the Amity budget?  More parents are taking their kids out of the school system to escape the madness.  The drastic change since I left the ABOE is mind boggling and very alarming and disappointing.  There is much work to be done.  Passing the budget was a step in the wrong direction.  We aim to right the ship.

Karen Kerames

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