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Letter: Open Letter to Governor Ned Lamont

Today I had to do something I didn’t want to do.  Today I had to give up my right as an American citizen to choose.  I was forced, by your hand, to receive a vaccination or else I would not be able to work and pay off student debt.  Today I had to turn my back on my values, core beliefs, and how I was raised because of YOU.

“My body, my choice,” has NOT come into consideration with this vaccine.  This mandatory shot that is affecting many people and not even working.  I had the antibodies.  I had the natural immunity to fight off the virus.

Your executive order to make all teachers and state employees get in line to get an experimental drug has put my back against a wall.  You held the COVID vaccine gun against my head and I had to let you pull the trigger.  At what cost?  I have to wear a mask still.  I cannot hug my students.  I have to get a booster.  I have to show proof I followed your commanding orders.

After today, I am instilling The Constitution in every student of mine.  The Constitution of the United States of America.  Not of the government, or Fauci, or the FDA.  OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  There is always a choice and today I did not get to have one.

If anything happens to me Governor, it’s on your hands.  You will be at fault for the outcome.  You will be to blame.  Not me, not the pharmacist, YOU.  You will be the one I point fingers at because YOU are the one that took away my freedom to CHOOSE.

M. Lewis

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