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Letter: No Longer Feel Safe in Our Community

It’s a shame that we no longer feel safe in our community.  I find myself looking over my shoulder at the gas station, or in the parking lots along the Boston Post Road.  Public safety in this state is becoming a serious problem.  The headlines speak for themselves.  I now lock my car doors when buying gas as a precaution that someone will steal my pocketbook out of my car as has happened to other women.

Who would even think of leaving their front door open and unlocked with just a screen door today?  That is how I grew up in Orange.  Today cars are broken into and pocketbooks stolen while at the gym or taking a walk at the community center in our town.

Does anyone really believe that the rise in crime is a myth, or concocted by fearmongering Republicans that are lying to you?  Crime is on the rise in every town in Connecticut, regardless of political affiliation.  Career criminals who carjacked a mother in broad daylight (this happened in North Haven) or shot at a homeowner while stealing a catalytic converter (also true, in Wallingford) didn’t stop to consider their victim’s political affiliation.

I encourage you to please take this crime issue into consideration when voting to send candidates to Hartford who support law and order.  We must support our men and women in blue who put their lives on the line every day to protect all of us.

Karen Kerames

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