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Letter: Newly Elected Tax Collector Says Thanks

I, again, wish to express my thanks to the voters of Orange for the continued trust they have placed in me, before on the Amity Regional School Board and now as Tax Collector for the Town.  In grand New England tradition, once again two candidates were presented to you for Tax Collector and after a vigorous campaign with Mark Moyher, I was selected by you as your Tax Collector.  His candidacy was in the finest traditions of the Town.  With the retirement of Sandra Pierson on election day, I was immediately sworn in and put to work on the 3rd of November to make sure services to you were continued seamlessly and uninterrupted and as I come up to speed on the town’s QDS tax system, I hope you will give me a couple extra minutes as I help you in the office.  In the near future, I plan on having some more efficiencies introduced to the tax office and along with Sally Ferko, I will continue in the Town Tax Collectors’ fine tradition of service to you.  For it is in doing my new job that makes all things possible in providing government and educational services to your families.  For those of you that wish to pay your January taxes early for income tax purposes, we plan to be available to help you, but please do not wait until the last minute and for those of you who have purchased a vehicle in the last year we are planning on getting your supplemental motor vehicle tax notices out earlier this year to give you more time to decide on whether or not you want to pay this year or in January.  Again, thank you for your indication of trust and I look forward to meeting you if you come to the tax office in Town Hall!

Thomas P Hurley
Town of Orange Tax Collector

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