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Letter: We Need Pat Libero for State Senate

It’s time for a change on the political stage in Connecticut. Career politicians have held us by the wallet for too long. Incumbent politicians are realigning to distance themselves from Governor Malloy. Gayle Slossberg is distancing herself from Gov. Malloy with her recent political ads, which just aren’t credible. She is an Assistant Majority Leader, and as such should have been able to rein in Malloy’s disastrous influence on our State. She voted for Malloy’s tax increases in 2015.

She has been in office more than 10 years. During her tenure, the condition of our state has only gotten worse.

It certainly seems like it’s time for a new voice in our Senate. I have known Pat Libero for many years as an educational colleague and friend. She is an honorable, well-respected and hard-working person. Citizens of West Haven have witnessed her abilities to get things accomplished, as proven by her success as a teacher, Principal and School Board Chairperson. Let’s try for something better. Vote for Pat Libero for State Senate on November 8, 2016.

Mary H. Howland

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