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Letter: Mind Nature While Enjoying the Outdoors

To the Editor,

Covid 19 has affected everyone’s life to some degree.  However, it has brought people closer to nature.  But some local natural areas like Silver Sands State Park, a nesting area for species of concern like the Piping Plover and Least Tern, are experiencing overcrowding.  This has resulted in a problem for beach-nesting birds, since some of these visitors are unaware of rules which prohibit behaviors that could hurt or even kill vulnerable chicks.  We see off-leash dogs running through nesting areas, people getting too close to nests inside protective string fencing and trash which can attract predators which prey on eggs and tiny chicks.  We all need to do our part to protect these natural havens, so we can continue to enjoy them and the native birds that call these home.  Audubon has called on us to “Share the Love, #SharetheShore”.  As someone who loves watching these little cotton balls on sticks racing to the wrack line and back, I ask everyone to keep your hearts open to helping our birds and their chicks.

Beverly Propen

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