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Letter: Mike Smith for State Representative

I’m writing to help my neighbors in the 119th district in Orange and Milford learn more about our candidate for State Representative, Mike Smith.  As I’ve gotten to know him, I found several reasons why I support him for a role in state government.

Mike is passionate about making sure everyone can access affordable healthcare.  As a young adult, he beat cancer and understands that he would be drowning in debt without access to his mom’s health insurance.  He recognizes that others don’t have affordable, quality healthcare coverage and will work to improve this situation.

I count Mike as a strong advocate and ally for women who will stand up for our rights.  As a father with a young child, he’ll focus on education as he looks to the future for his family and our community.  I find all of this extremely comforting and important for my immediate and extended family, ranging from newborns to seniors.

As a busy working parent with elementary school kids, I understand the daily household chaos when juggling activities, work and family.  It can be tough to find time, but with the issues we face as a community, state, and country, it is more important than ever that each of us make a plan to vote to ensure our families’ voices are heard.  I encourage you to come out to vote on November 8, or beforehand by absentee ballot and I hope you will consider voting for Mike Smith to represent your voice.

Melissa Mazzarella Johnston

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