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Letter: Maroney Has Shown Courage

It was once said by John F. Kennedy that, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”  Throughout his public service James Maroney has shown courage and effort while consistently being straight with his constituents regarding purpose and direction.  From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic he has provided over 100 different updates across phone calls, emails, web announcements, and town hall style conferences.  Through all means of communication James has always helped his constituents in Milford, West Haven, Woodbridge, and Orange.  His leadership has helped business owners get access to State and Federal aid while they struggled to remain open.

Before the pandemic took over almost every facet of our lives James was promoting Connecticut as a great place to grow a business with the development of opportunity zones.  His legislation (Bill 570) incentivizes developers to invest in distressed municipalities and makes it easier for them to do so.  For instance, in West Haven the bill seeks to increase job opportunities by tasking the Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development to host a series of events to attract private development.  The bill supports the rehabilitation of historic structures in opportunity zone.  Westies are proud hard-working people, and you can see it in their large strong looking brick buildings.  This bill helps breathe new life back into them.  More than 400 companies have looked to invest in Connecticut.

While we cherish our history, we do need to look forward.  James is not just looking to the future; he is working to prepare us for it.  For example, he has promoted the development of next generation skills through his legislation to make computer science curriculum a requirement in the state’s public schools.  Bill 957 passed with bipartisan support and unanimously in the Senate, a testament to James ability to bring different groups together.

His ability to work with anyone to support and promote West Haven, Milford, Orange, and Woodbridge is central to our continued growth and prosperity.  For this reason, I support James and strongly suggest we re-elect him as State Senator for the 14th District.

Joe Honcz

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