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Letter: Maroney Benefiting from “Dark Money”

I must have been asleep last week when Milford’s James Maroney decried so-called ‘Dark Money’ in political campaigns at a Martin Looney press conference because he seems to be getting a benefit from those very same groups he railed against.

Seems as if Mr. Maroney loves to play the victim but in reality, an independent group is funneling money into the 14th Senate District campaign benefiting his candidacy.

Additionally, Mr. Maroney is also being aided by a Labor Union Political Action Committee professing to be ‘Connecticut Values’ PAC.

Next time Mr. Maroney wants to claim the moral high ground, he should probably check to see if his home is made of glass because people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

We need leaders not whiners in Hartford fighting for us. I ask you to vote for Pam Staneski for State Senate.

Paul Beckwith


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