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Letter: Long-time Resident Looks To Community Housing

To the Editor:

As a long-time Orange resident who would benefit from a senior housing community in Town, I was disappointed to learn that the Plan and Zoning Board unanimously rejected such a plan.  I have lived in Orange for 41 years, raised my children here and anticipate in the next few years I will want to sell my home and move to a community that offers the housing and amenities I am looking for in the town I have lived in most of my life.

The Meissenheimer housing proposal is a timely concept and a step in the right direction.  I know I am not alone in favoring this housing alternative.  The Town demographics indicate a large percentage of Orange residents are 65 years and older (55 and older even greater).  The Plan of Conservation and Development, as well as the Town planners, should have the foresight to recognize the need for change in order to keep the segment of its population who have raised its families here, had children who are now raising their families here and have been and will continue to be vital and productive members of the community.  The circle of life can be maintained by selling our homes to younger families and provide seniors the opportunity to stay in Orange.  The tax base will increase and the school population should not be negatively impacted.

It is my hope that property owners who see the potential to develop their land for such a use, in desirable areas of Orange, will not be deterred from such ventures, as the change is needed and those who are in favor of such developments will support them.

Phyllis Leggett

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