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Letter: Local Support For Staneski

To the Editor:

I am proud of Pam Staneski’s campaign running as the Republican candidate for the 14th senate district. With the current state senate tied 18-18 it is more important than ever that we elect Pam, a proven winner, to represent our party this November.

Pam is focused on the issues affecting our families, she has fought Dan Malloy’s devastating tax increases, she has defended our constitution and second amendment rights, and best of all she campaigns on the issues unlike her desperate opponent who is resorting to mud throwing because he doesn’t understand the scope of the problems facing our towns.

Since Mr. Giannattasio does not understand the issues, does not comprehend the numbers, and knows that he cannot win on his own; he is reminding us why good men and women avoid politics. Its dirty.

Folks this is a local race, his dirty politics have no place in it.

Don’t let his ugly mud slinging distract you. I know Pam, and I bet you do too. She is the right voice that will take the hard votes to dig Connecticut out of the GUTTER that filthy politicians without ideas, like Tony “G” utter have dragged us into.

Join me in taking back our state by voting from Pam Staneski 4B on August 14th.

Ann Fabian

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