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Letter: Local Endorsement For Giannattasio

To The Editor:

As a former candidate for the 14th State Senatorial seat, I am giving my full endorsement to Anthony “Tony G” Giannattasio and I am asking that Republican voters support Tony in the August 14th primary.

The reasons are clear.  Tony is a respected and successful businessman, a life-long Republican and the Minority Leader on the Milford Board of Aldermen.  He has held the line on taxes in Milford and has supported smart development.  He and his family have volunteered for many local groups and non-profits.  Tony gives back many hours to his community and the people he serves. I would expect no less from him when he is elected State Senator.

Unlike his opponent, who is currently a Republican State Representative, Tony would not betray the people of his district by supporting undocumented citizens to compete with US citizens.

As the ranking member of the education committee, State Representative Pam Staneski, Tony’s Republican opponent, enthusiastically supported a bill which passed and was signed into law by Dan Malloy. Joining with the Democratic House majority, the bill allows undocumented students the right to apply for financial aid from our public universities, putting them in direct competition with your children and grandchildren!  She violated the trust of the hardworking people in the 14th district by embracing more aid for illegal, undocumented citizens without any regard for the struggle that we face when trying to educate our children.  Without any clear caveat or pathway to citizenship for these undocumented students, we all really need to ask ourselves if this is a person that you want to represent you and our Republican values up in Hartford.

Furthermore, the admiration by Representative Staneski of the current Democratic State Senator, Gayle Schlossberg, who is not running for re-election, is concerning.  In her announcement for this open seat, Staneski said in a press release that she has tried to emulate” Schlossberg’s qualities.

The answer is clear to me.  Vote for a real Republican who will not hide behind supposed altruistic votes which only support the continuing control of the Democrats over our beautiful state along with the decline of values and disrespect of Connecticut citizens.

On August 14th, to all Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge voters:  Vote 4A for Anthony “Tony G” Giannattasio and return Connecticut to the people!

Michele Gregorio

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