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Letter: Local Elections are the Most Important

As many of you know, we have an election coming up and I have yet to find an individual who will admit to enjoying election time, not even the candidates, but they continue to try to convince us that they are the best candidate for office.  This year we all go to the polls at High Plains Community Center on Tuesday, November 5th to vote for our local officials.

For me, local elections are most important.  I am not sure that our state and federal governments actually even know where Orange is.  I strongly encourage all my friends and neighbors to show up at the polls and cast their votes for the best candidates irrespective of party.  My best advice is talk to friends, neighbors, and the candidates themselves.

On a personal note, however, if you need a recommendation, I do plan to vote for Paul Davis for the Amity Board of Education.  Besides being a former teacher, coach, state representative, selectman, and commission member, he is a parent, grandparent, overall good guy; and my husband.  So, who is in a better position to know he makes good decisions?

Thanks to all the candidates for their dedication to our town.

Debbie Davis

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