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Letter: Lawmakers Should Look Out for Our Environment & Wildlife

It is important to be pro-active and environmentally conscious regarding the well- being of our state and our planet.  Plastics and their accumulation in our oceans, our rivers, beaches and landfills have become an environmental nightmare.

Several cities in the United States have voted to ban plastic straws specifically because of their one use and then thrown away.  Most plastic, whether a bag or a straw, has a detrimental impact on our environment.  A 4” plastic straw was found in the nostril of a Ridley Sea Turtle and was safely removed.  This was just one documented instance.  Several whales have beached and died.  Scientists found between 17-25 pounds of plastic blocking their digestive systems. Marine wildlife don’t recognize that plastics are lethal to them.  Many view them as possible jellyfish which they would consume.  Thousands of other marine wildlife have been negatively impacted by plastic straws and bags accumulating in their bodies.  Plastic straws pollute our beaches, injure our wildlife and are seldom recycled.  As individuals, we can politely refuse a straw at our favorite coffee shop or restaurant.  Recyclable paper straws worked well for decades.  Let’s hope that our lawmakers look out for the future welfare of our environment and wildlife, so that all future generations can still enjoy them.

Beverly Propen

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