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Letter: Kim-Marie Mullin Knows the Community She will Represent

What does it take to be a good legislator in Hartford?  An analysis of the position should make the requirements clear.  A good senator should know the communities she represents.  She should have a thorough knowledge of the citizens and the issues.  A good Senator should be ready to take on new challenges, listen to people in and beyond her district and create a balance to get the job done for our towns.  She should be comfortable working with new people and finding common ground with distant communities.  A good Senator should have experience in public service.  She should be skilled in building community support.  She should know how to combine the input of local taxpayers and studied experts to create success.

Kim-Marie Mullin will be a GREAT Senator for Orange.  She has demonstrated her ability to work in and build support with the community.  She has developed working relationships with small-town officials across the state.  As a local, small business owner Kim-Marie Mullin is not afraid to tackle the tough issues of budgets and conflicting information and purposes.  Her local experience with small business has given her an understanding of the towns and their residents, and the joys and trials they face daily.

Kim-Marie Mullin has shown a deep understanding of local and statewide issues during a number of public forums.  She has presented herself with self-assurance, considered and researched information and offered an attentive ear as people presented both their questions and concerns.

Kim-Marie Mullin is clearly qualified to represent Orange in Hartford.  She is the woman we need representing the 14th District in the State Legislature.  Vote for Kim-Marie Mullin on November 8th not only for the success of our communities, but the entire state of Connecticut.  We will all be better off for her service.

Anthony P. Scarinzi

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