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Letter: Keep Politics Out of Parade

Orange showed off its finest at its annual Memorial Day parade, a day for families and friends to show their support for those in the town that make up Orange.  A blight on the day, in my opinion, was the folks who chose to boo our Democratic State Senator, Richard Blumenthal.  A parade is no place for politics especially when we are trying to teach our children caring for others and good sportsmanship.  Connecticut has 169 towns, towns and cities that voted Mr. Blumenthal another term in office and Orange is one of those towns that Mr. Blumenthal has chosen to support for many, many years.  Granted, we have freedom of speech in America and no one should step on our right, but we need to think about where and when we exercise that right.  There are many places to show our politics and opinions but a family parade, in my opinion, is not the place.

Ginny Reinhard
Orange Historical Society

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