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Letter: Keep Orange Moving with Jim Zeoli

I wanted to extend my thoughts as a new member of the Orange Community.  I moved to Orange a bit over two years ago.  The city I came from was my home, my family, and my friend.  When I moved to Orange, I knew no one, and the first year was a difficult one.  What I truly found amazing was our First Selectman, his knowledge, his kindness.  He talked with me, he explained the Town, and the little things that make Orange a home, now my home.  It was clear how much Jim cared about the town and its residents.  He was the reason I came to Orange, he is the reason it is a wonderful place to live, work, and educate our children.  While my children are adults, they are looking at moving into Orange because of its school system.  I look forward to many years in my new town, and the continued great work Jim Zeoli and the Z-Team have done for our community.  I appreciate the hard work the team puts in to keeping Orange the great town it is.

With that said, Orange is not running amok with over development.  The tax structure is secure and the Town is doing well.  We see that by the AAA rating we continue to hold.  The streets are being paved, the Police Department is strong and committed to the community, and our Fire Department, while volunteer, are caring hard working men and women.  The businesses on the Post Road are many, the amount of empty buildings are small (when compared to other towns and cities).  The town is not broken, we do not need to fix it, and frankly, when you look at other towns around us who do not have the type of commitment Jim has given over the years, they are failing.  Let’s keep Orange moving in a secure and positive direction with Jim and his team.

Judith Toohey

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