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Letter: It Takes A Village

The familiar adage, “It takes a village”, is more appropriate than ever before during the current pandemic in the Town of Orange.  Historically, the OVFD in town has been manned by highly trained volunteers who dedicate their time and energies to provide fire protection to the Orange community.

In recognition and appreciation of their services, the citizens of Orange support these efforts through various fundraisers, primarily the annual Fireman’s Carnival.  So, when the annual Orange Fireman’s Carnival was cancelled, the volunteer organization was faced with a funding quandary of how to raise the needed dollars to make the payment on the recently acquired fire truck.

To answer this need, the members of the Orange Board of Finance proposed a “Go Fund Me” campaign.  Working together with Fire Chief Vaughn Dumas, team leader Jim Leahy and marketing executive Rick Roberts, the project was organized.  Numerous town organizations, businesses and services were contacted to get the word out.  Fueled by social media, local businesses and local papers, donations began adding up.  In true “village “fashion, the Town of Orange is stepping up to meet the challenge.

The deadline for collection of the fund has been extended through September.  Please join me and donate to this worthy cause.

Kevin Moffett,

Member, Orange Board of Finance

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