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Letter: The Importance of Shopping Local

This is an example of the importance of shopping in your neighborhood stores.

We wanted to share with you a customer service experience that was so gratifying.  On October 24th my wife and I had finished shopping at the Orange Trader Joe’s store when I realized that I was missing one of my hearing aids.  I frantically searched down each store aisle, to no avail.  My wife went over to the customer service to inquire if a customer turned in a hearing aid.  The store manager, Matt Kosciak immediately took a personal interest in our plight and joined in the search.  We all continued to look for approximately another 10 minutes.  I continued the search in the store parking lot.  The falling rain and darkness made in difficult to see any items which would be lying on the ground.  Suddenly I hear my wife yelling “we found the hearing aid”.  Irene, a staff member located the hearing aid near the store entrance.  We are so grateful that Matt and Irene completely focused on our situation and made the customers’ concern their concern.  We always felt the staff was sensitive to the customer needs and always very helpful.  They are to be commended.  We will to continue to shop at this Trader Joe’s store.


Peter and Mary Ann Carbine

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