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Letter: Help Delilah the Dog

My name is Jeremiah Barrett and I go to Hope Academy in Orange.  I’m trying to get my school service dog into the American Humane Hero Dog Award Show and I need people to vote for her.  Delilah is our school service dog that help kids with many disabilities like Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities, and Emotional Impairments like Anxiety Disorders.  I know Delilah is a small dog but she has a big heart.  We were hoping you could put Delilah in your newspaper because we are a small school and she has made a huge impact on everyone she meets.

I remember when she was about to leave Hope Academy when her owner got a new job in a different place.  We all said our goodbyes to her but after I left the room, many people were crying Elementary through High School.  I was shocked to see the high school kids crying with tears because usually they do not like to show their emotions.

Her owner felt really bad and decided to leave Delilah with Ms. Wilcox, who is our school Principal.  When I found out that she was staying, I was happy because her presence would be missed.  Another reason why Delilah should win the award and be in your newspapers is because she follows Hope Academy’s mission statement, “every student deserves a little HOPE.”  Delilah keeps us hopeful and this is a story you don’t want to pass up on.

Jeremiah Barrett

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