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Letter: Garden Club Extends Thanks

The Garden Club of Orange would like to extend its thanks to the town for the use of its facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We were able to use High Plains Community Center Pavilion on several occasions for meetings and fundraising activities and for several hours at a time.  When we were permitted to safely go inside HPCC, there was continued staff support and enough space provided to support our needs.  We appreciated that our program could go forth.

We’d also like to gratefully acknowledge the cooperation we received from the town when we wanted to plant something in commemoration of our 90th Anniversary in 2020.  We had met with First Selectman Jim Zeoli about a month before the pandemic hit, and received his input and approval.  In spite of everything, the town proceeded with implementing our plan by removing yews and preparing the soil on the south side of Town Hall.  The Highway Department picked up and delivered five Kalmia latifolia ‘Sarah’ (mountain laurel) and five Skimmia japonica shrubs from bays outside at Broken Arrow Nursery, set up so there was no contact with employees.  Chris Small, from the Parks & Recreation Department, facilitated the planting and hose watering as well as placement of the commemorative marker.  A year or so later, we are seeing beautiful results from all the efforts combined, and feel very thankful.

We live in a great town!

Linda Bradford
Retiring President, The Garden Club of Orange

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