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Letter: Fire Truck $50K Challenge is A Call to Arms

Over the past 2 months, I have had the pleasure of working with the members of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD) to “plug the gap” caused by the cancellation of the Orange Fireman’s Carnival & the resulting loss of 30% of their operating revenue.   Imagine the feeling: you lose 30% of your family’s annual revenue yet maintain 100% of your costs!

The OVFD motto is “Neighbors helping neighbors.” Recall that these volunteer firefighters are not only your neighbors, but they are ones that—willingly & unpaid—come to your home if you had an emergency, such as a fire.

In my view, the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge” is a call to arms for Orange residents & businesses to now support their fellow neighbors – the OVFD members – due to a situation which, just like a house fire, they surely didn’t ask for. To date, the OVFD has enjoyed the support of 246 donors to the on-line GoFundMe efforts and nearly 40 more people & businesses have sent in checks.  This support is a great start.

Going forward, I encourage all 4,841 households and the 100’s of businesses in Town to join the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge” and support the OFVD in their time of need.  The link to the GoFundMe page is on the Town website or at or at the OVFD website   Checks can be mailed directly: OVFD,  P.O. Box 878, Orange, CT 06477.

Every contribution – no matter the size—is valued.  By doing so, your donation shows you “have the backs” of the OVFD just as they support us when we have an emergency.  Thank you.

Jim Leahy

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