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Letter: Dietch Will Turn Orange Green

As Election Day, November 5, 2019 approaches, I want to see a strong future for our town of Orange.  I want to see my taxes go down instead of up.  I would like to see more options for the seniors in our town to be able to remain in their homes if they so choose.  I want to see Orange turn more green.  I believe that voting for Jody Dietch for First Selectman will make that vision a reality.

Jody has grown up in Orange, gone through our wonderful school system, and raised her own family here in Orange, with her two sons also going through our incredible schools.  She is a past PTA president of Racebrook School.  Jody has been an integral part of our town’s government for many years, holding positions that contribute to the growth and well-being of our town.  She is a strong supporter of diversity and her slate is 50% women.  She was on the Board of Education and currently heads the Democratic Town Committee.  I know Jody personally and we can be certain that she will work her hardest for Orange.

Beverly Propen

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