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Letter: Counting My Blessings

Recently there has been a great deal of negativity regarding the removal and disposal of the old Firelite sign.  Having grown up in town, like so many of you, I fondly remember riding my bike for a cone at Dip Top, or crossing the street to Firelite for candy at Race Brook Pharmacy or a cookie at Wolfe’s Bakery.  Often my friends and I would stare longingly into the cookie case until we were offered a free one. These are treasured memories that bring a smile to my face, as I reflect on my good fortune to have spent most of my life here in Orange.

While I understand many feel nostalgic about the Firelite sign, I think the blame and anger that has been cast is far from productive.  With or without that sign, Orange is and has always been a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and be part of a loving community.  It is true that much in the world has changed and Orange is not exempt from that, however, I believe it is still a great blessing to be able to call this town home.  If you’ve lost that feeling, I hope you’ll find your way back to it or find your way to another place which offers you what you once felt.

Nancy Bencivengo

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