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Letter: Candidate Calls for Full Disclosure

On February 16th, 2021, Orange residents voted to purchase the property of Race Brook Country Club.  The public hearing that preceded the vote was run exclusively by the First Selectman who selectively read each email question and answered it.  There was no room for genuine collaboration between residents and the administration.

Rightly so, residents questioned the terms of the lease agreement.  The First Selectman said there was no lease because they needed the referendum to pass before they could work on the lease.

We have waited patiently for the next steps with no communication from our First Selectman as to its status.  Even our Board of Selectmen are in the dark on this issue.  It’s time to share the progress and details of this lease with the residents of the town.  The residents are paying the bill through yet another tax increase and have no idea what the agreement is between the club and the town.

I am calling on Mr. Zeoli to release the details of the lease immediately via the town website and inform the residents of Orange how their money is being spent.

Connor Deane

Democratic Candidate for First Selectman of The Town of Orange

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