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Letter: Amity Teen Center

Dear Editor,

The Amity Teen Center would like to thank the Friends of the Orange Library for a recent donation of books suitable for teens.  We are in the process of establishing another book club this year.

We had a book club last year and it was a big success.  Through this donation of books, we received several books of the same title.  This will enable the teens who want to participate in the club to begin reading the book at the same time.  They will be loaned out to the teens and returned after they have been read.

Also, through this donation, the Teen Center will have our own “library” where teens can browse through our books and borrow them as they like.  We currently have a room with computers that have been donated, but we have always wanted to have a “library” of our own.  Now, thanks to the Friends of the Orange Library, we are on our way to reaching this goal!


Jane Opper, Linda Cohen and Jennifer DiBlanda.

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