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Letter: An Act of Kindness

The recent nor-eastern storm had many people snowbound.  Living in Orange on the busy Racebrook Road is a great place to live.  My next-door neighbors, Mark & Marie Sandello, came over last Thursday night with their snow blower and made my driveway clear.  Unfortunately, the State Highway plows covered the edge of my driveway with high levels of snow; so I went out at 12 noon Friday and started to shovel the snow.  My neighbor who lives behind me went by and told me to stop as he went to park his car.  Before he came over, a Good Samaritan came by with a plow and told me he will clear my driveway.  I asked how much to which he replied, nothing.  My neighbor came by and asked him how much?  His reply was “I don’t do this for a living.  I was just going by to do grocery shopping and just wanted to help her.  What a wonderful person he is and we didn’t even get his name.  There are many caring people who help others in times of need.  I just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his generosity and kindness.  Also want to thank Mark and Marie who always clear my driveway at no charge.

With much appreciation for the kindness of our town,

Della Greenberg

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