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Letter: A Cold, Wet, Rainy November 2018

On November 12, I was running across my neighbor Maria’s lawn when she stopped me and asked if I would pick up her mail for a few days.  She also informed me that her sump pump failed and Greco & Haines was there to replace it.  I immediately went to see about my pump and found it vibrating.  I called my plumber and he reinforced it.

At the end of the week my pump failed and water went up to the first step of my cellar.  I called my plumber who couldn’t leave a job he was working on but said he would be here at 7:00pm.  I immediately called the Orange Fire Department who arrived and told me to shut off the furnace and began unplugging my freezer and refrigerator.  They set up a backup pump I had with the hose going out the window.  As they were leaving one of them saw how distraught I was and told me to call Tom Hill.  “He’s my septic man” I said.  “Just call him, and turn on your furnace”, said the fireman.  So, I called Tom Hill who arrived shortly apologizing for not wearing his boots.  He sat on my stairs and I told him how I enjoyed his father, Bill.  Bill was always smiling and telling me jokes.  Within ten minutes Tom had the pump working again.  I said, “Are you a plumber too?”  He said No but call your plumber over.  At 7:00pm my plumber came and was surprised the pump was running smoothly.  After he left, I was so cold and went downstairs to my furnace which was not working.  My furnace man came at 9:00pm and within minutes he went to the circuit breaker and the furnace went on.

Thanksgiving Day my son Michael came over to pick up carrot ginger soup for the table at his house and low and behold water was coming in again.  I called my plumber, no answer.  My son immediately sets up the backup pump getting his shoes and trousers wet.  He told me not to call anyone at 12 noon as they are having their Thanksgiving Dinner.  When I return home at 7:30 I’ll call the plumber who was totally shocked and told me to keep running the pump and he will buy a new pump and put it in at 10:00am the next day.

On Sunday, the Orange Lions Club was generously serving a free Thanksgiving Dinner.  Before going there, I decided to wash some clothes.  After washing them I put them in the dryer but it did not work.  I was so surprised.  On Monday, Michael came over, looked at my dryer and then went over to the circuit breaker and turned it on and my dryer was working again.  I then told Michael to look at the front wall because it was wet.  He called the plumber who came over the next day where he found a hole in the pipe and replaced it.

I want to thank the Fire Department for the quick response, the stranger in the kitchen who told me to call Tom Hill who was amazing, my furnace man, and my wonderful plumber who helped me get my cellar dry again.  I am looking forward to the month of April.  April showers bring May flowers, and just in time for Mother’s Day.

Della Greenberg

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