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Last Call To Join The Orange Army

Last Call To Join The Orange Army

Be Part of the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge”

“Neighbors helping neighbors” is more than a motto for the Orange Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD), it’s the calling card of all Orange Citizens.  To chip in.  To help out.  To be there when a neighbor – perhaps unknown at the outset – is in time of need.

Today Orange stands proud of this achievement in support of its neighbors, the OVFD.  From a family supporting the “challenge” with a lemonade stand, which raised a substantial amount for the firefighters, to business and individual Platinum sponsors and with everyone in between, our community has stepped up.  Right now, “THE ORANGE ARMY” stands at 546 donors strong and has contributed over $120,000.

“It’s been impressive,” stated Project Chairman Jim Leahy, Vice-Chairman of the Orange Board of Finance.  “We started with an idea.  We organized.  We set up a GoFundMe website.  We put up colorful signs.  We stood at the Dump.  And we asked people to join us.”  And the key success factor?  “Hard work.  Organization.  Getting the word out.” said Leahy.  “Doing one good thing EVERY Day.”

“Think of it,” Leahy amplified, “Orange has the Carnival.  Orange has the Town Fair.  Both are historic & long-standing events.  Recently, Orange added this amazing July 4th event.  And, all of these events celebrate our Town with mighty Fireworks that amazes both our kids and the kid-within-every-adult alike.  So special.”

Of course, Orange is more than these established events, as they are more the reflection of the Town’s inner spirit.  The Town was built—historically and by necessity—on taking care of its own.  Be it family.  Be it your Church or your Synagogue.  Your school.  Your neighbor.  And that spirit is far more silent than showy, a quiet reserve which only adds to its authenticity.  That’s Orange.

As we wind down this project in the days ahead, we ask you to join the Team.  It’s LAST CALL.  Join THE ORANGE ARMY.  Become involved in “Fire Truck $50K Challenge.”  By doing so, you’ll make a measurable difference.

Every contribution – no matter the size—is valued.  The link to the GoFundMe page is on the Town website or on the OVFD website  Checks can be mailed directly:  OVFD, P.O. Box 878, Orange, CT 06477.

Photo: Project Chairman Jim Leahy supports the LAST CALL to help the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge”.

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