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Kathy Kennedy to Run for State House

Kathy Kennedy to Run for State House
Kathy Kennedy

Kathy Kennedy has formally announced and filed her intention to seek the Republican nomination for the 119th district, which includes portions of Milford and Orange.  Kennedy is seeking to succeed Incumbent State Rep. Pam Staneski, who has filed to run for the 14th State Senate District.

“This was an easy decision that came after Pam and I sat down to talk about the state of Connecticut and its future.  As I have always said, ‘you can’t change policy from the sideline.  It’s time to suit up and get in the game and hopefully positively change the outcome for our state.  Governor Malloy’s tax hikes and job-killing policies have proven so devastating for Connecticut that people are packing up and moving out.  Pam has been a reasonable voice fighting against these failed policies while offering sensible solutions.  She has done an exceptional job representing the people of Orange and Milford as a voice for the119th and fighting against Governor Malloy’s policies.  I welcome the opportunity to serve with her, as she seeks to be our next Senator, and address the fiscal crisis that lands us at the bottom of every list,” said Kennedy.

“I pledge to the voters of the 119th district, that they will have a tireless advocate, and that I will make sure your voices are clearly heard at the State Capitol.  The state needs to encourage greater opportunities for people and businesses to prosper ad you need a representative that will support policies which will make Connecticut attractive again,” said Kennedy.  “I am eager to meet the people of the 119th and hear directly from them.”

Kennedy has the full support of Representative Staneski who said, “We are at a pivotal time in this state—our ‘part-time’ legislature cannot work part-time if we are going to address our ‘full-time’ problems and that is why Kathy Kennedy is the perfect person to step up and represent the 119th.  She is not afraid to shake things up, she knows the hard work that is in front of her and understands that maintaining the status quo will not work in the future.  I ask the good people of the 119th who have entrusted me to represent them for the past four years to join me in supporting Kathy as she seeks to be your voice in Hartford—you will not be sorry.”


State Representative Candidate for the 119th Assembly District Issues Statement on Tolls

“There is not one person I’ve talked to, in Milford or Orange, that thinks tolls are a good idea on CT roads.  People are shell-shocked at how much they are being nickeled and dimed to death in this state.  It’s all about priorities not revenue, we just need to prioritize our State Transportation projects.  Everyday people are thinking about packing up and leaving.  Why would we give residents another reason to flee for lower cost states?  When is enough, enough?  Stop tolls now.”

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