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Jim Zeoli

Jim Zeoli

I have been honored to serve as your First Selectman and remain committed to smart development, excellent education and improving our town’s quality of life.

My efforts to bring major business development to Orange has enabled us to achieve many improvements in our town. Among them are pool area upgrades, a High Plains south wing renovation, redone ball fields at Old Tavern Complex, 10 acres built as lacrosse fields, over 400+ acres of additional open space, miles of road improvements, and many projects for our schools. A new barrier-free playground will soon be built at Wolfe Park, using state grant monies.

One of the largest expense items in our town budget is for education, including the Amity Regional School System. Amity’s budget goes up each year and is overwhelmingly supported each year by Orange voters at referendum. Our growing commercial tax base has played a major role in supporting our budget, including education. New economic development has been a major plus in helping to keep taxes under control and will continue to have a positive impact into our future.

As a result of our strong fund balance and economic planning, we have earned a AAA credit rating, the best rating a municipality can receive. This has enabled us to reduce the cost of borrowing needed for the improvements we have made to Orange’s infrastructure.

We have done our best to protect taxpayers from the uncertainty of State budget cuts to education and municipal grants, and threats to shift some State obligations to local property taxpayers.

I am proud of the men and women who make up our Republican team, those dedicated and talented people who efficiently help to run Orange’s government.

I thank you for entrusting us to run our community, and I once again ask for your vote on November 5th for me and my team.

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