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A Jewel Among Us

A few days ago, I made my visit to the monthly art exhibit at Case Memorial Library.  April featured the works of our elementary school students in Orange.  I was so impressed by what I saw.

The collection demonstrated different media, techniques and styles.  The subjects ranged from abstract to still life.  It enabled students from all the Orange schools, grades K through 6, to show their creativity and accomplishments.

Kudos go to art teachers John Kaluzynski, Jennifer Russo and Erin Garney whose efforts brought out the talents of our youngsters, and who have exposed them to a most important aspect of our culture.  It is obvious that time and effort went into teaching our youngsters about previous masters’ works, and helping students accomplish their own.  Learning about all the arts is essential to the total development of our children.

Thank you Case Memorial Library for exhibiting the work of local artisans, and especially our young people.  Your total programming efforts in all the arts are a great contribution to our community.  You are an Orange jewel.

Elaine Klein, Proud Orange Resident



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