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Jen Alfaro – Board of Selectmen

Jen Alfaro – Board of Selectmen

Jen was born and raised in Astoria, NY.  She moved to Orange in 2001 with her husband Gino.  She has  three children; Nikko, Lucas and Evelyn.

Jen truly loves Orange and loves living here.  From the day she moved to this town, she never looked back.  For the last 7 years, she has volunteered at Peck Place School serving on many committees.  She was also the PTO Treasurer for 3 years.

Cancer touched Jen’s life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.  From day one of her diagnosis, she realized how amazing her friends and neighbors are in Orange.  People she barely knew contacted her to offer their support.  So many people offered to make meals for her family and offer rides to her children during her months of chemotherapy.  This prompted Jen to want to become more involved in the town, and give back where she could.  Jen always had an interest in politics so she decided to join the Orange Democratic Town Committee (ODTC).  Over the past few years she has helped with several fundraising and campaigning events for the ODTC.  This year she took on the secretary position for the Committee.

Jen owns and operates Alafogiannis Plumbing & Heating Inc.  A business that has been in her family since 1975.  With a strong business background, she is hoping to help influence the economic development in Orange as a member of the Board of Selectmen.  She would like to see more businesses open up in town.

Another reason Jen Alfaro would like to join the Board of Selectmen is to hopefully help find better options for seniors when they are looking to downsize.  Right now it is impossible for most seniors to retire and stay in town.  The cost for the over 55 apartments and condos in Orange is a drastic difference from our neighboring towns.  Jen believes we should have more opportunities for our seniors to be able to stay here in Orange, near their families, friends and places of worship.  Please elect Jen Alfaro to the Orange Board of Selectmen along with the whole Democratic team.

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