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James Maroney – State Senator 14th District

James Maroney – State Senator 14th District

I was born and raised in Connecticut and it was important to me to stay in our beautiful state.  I attended Jonathan Law High School in Milford and then Yale University.  I wouldn’t trade my childhood experiences in our community for anything, so my wife Jen and I chose to raise our son here.  If I am privileged to be elected to represent Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge in the State Senate, I will bring the same values to Hartford that my parents instilled in me, hard work, honesty and compassion for those needing help.  I believe that a state senator should represent their constituents and not the Hartford special interests.

As a small business owner, I am too familiar with the fact that our state isn’t always easy to operate in.  Regulations need to be streamlined and technology utilized to make it easier to do business both with and in the state of Connecticut.  We need to make our state more friendly to businesses, and partner with them to provide better training and job opportunities for our residents, whether it be through apprenticeships or offering tax credits to companies who help pay off their employees’ student loans.

We need to apply innovation to our government.  Different funding mechanisms like pay for success should be used, so that we can deliver high quality services while saving the state money.  Creative ways to reduce our outstanding pension obligations need to examined and used.  Responsible budgeting and creativity to state government has to be the norm, not the exception.

Our schools must be fully funded.  Not to do so is not fair to the children and not smart for our future workforce.  Education doesn’t stop after high school.  Whether you are going to college or going to work in a trade education is a lifelong activity and we need to make sure that Connecticut continues to have one of the most highly trained, highly educated workforces in the world.

We also need to find ways to allow our seniors to stay in their homes.  They are our parents and grandparents and we all benefit from having them in our community.  That means we have to control property taxes.  I will work to increase and expand the property tax credit.  This is something that will help all Milford, Orange, West Haven, and Woodbridge residents, but especially those living on a fixed income.

We cannot keep doing business the same way, and listening to trite rhetoric.  We deserve better.  However, I have faith in the people of our great state that if we work together, we can make Connecticut an even better place to live, work and raise a family.  There is no doubt, that we are facing some tough times, and tough choices.  But the time for change is now.  Together we can build a new day for Connecticut.

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