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History Corner: Trivia Makes a Comeback…

History Corner: Trivia Makes a Comeback…

I don’t know what has triggered the trivia game shows but Game Show Network is hosting two new programs based on everyday knowledge with a 3rd one airing in June.  So for those of you who are not glued to that network, here are some trivia questions, with answers while you wait for something to boil, someone to call or just plain have sometime to spend on trivia…so here goes.

  1. In the 1780s when a young couple planned to marry but needed to climb into bed to keep warm, they were separated by a stout plank. What was this called?
  2. What book did Harriet Beecher Stowe write that was taken off library shelves for its controversial storyline?
  3. In Cervantes’ classic Don Quixote, what form did his enemy take?
  4. The story of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice goes back to the 2nd century and has been retold many times since. What character did Walt Disney use in his version in Fantasia?
  5. In 1871 Michael Ahern covered a story of a great fire in Chicago. Who was blamed for the burning of over 17,000 buildings?
  6. For whom was the month of July named?
  7. Battledore and shuttlecock is known to be 2000 years old. By what name is this game known as today?
  8. A counter person behind a soda fountain pulls on the handle to pour out the drink. What was the early term for this person?
  9. A span of time that encompasses fourteen days is called what?
  10. What word is a combination of “two” and “ten”?
  11. In order to avoid the attention of the law, what was the term used for illegal liquor?
  12. What is the slang for a government agent of the Department of Justice?
  13. What is the term once used for intelligence in the height of the forehead but now used as a term for a person who is a snob?
  14. The Romans believed that insane people were moonstruck. What is the term used today for a strange-acting individual?
  15. What is the slang word used to describe language?
  16. In early times, people carried a small knife in their pocket to sharpen the quill used as a writing tool. What is it called today?
  17. What is the term used for something that increases in size as it multiplies rapidly?
  18. If one scuffs while they walk, is careless in the way they dress and is a careless worker, what is the term used for the work that is actually performed?
  19. The synonym for knowledge meaning “do you know” is what?
  20. What term is used from early times when stagecoach passengers had to get out of the coach and help push it when it got stuck in the mud?
  21. In pirate days, ships flew various flags while approaching a prize. What is the term used when lowering your false colors?
  22. The short-tailed weasel of northern United States is a dark chocolate brown in the summer but snow white in winter. What is the weasel called then?
  23. By what name is the following figure known? &
  24. The cashew in its natural state is poisonous. What plant or plants is it related to?
  25. What is the American equivalent of the following English terms? lift, chemist’s shop, pram, sweet, petrol, bonnet, underground, lorry, pavement


  1. Bundling
  2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  3. Wind Mills
  4. Mickey Mouse
  5. O’Leary’s cow
  6. Julius Caesar
  7. Badminton
  8. Soda jerk
  9. Fortnight
  10. Twenty
  11. Moonshine
  12. G Man
  13. Highbrow
  14. Lunatic
  15. Lingo
  16. Pen knife
  17. Snowball
  18. Slipshod
  19. Savvy
  20. Put your shoulder to the wheel.
  21. Show your true colors
  22. Ermine
  23. Ampersand
  24. Poison Ivy and poison oak
  25. A. elevator, B. drugstore, C. baby carriage, D. candy, E. gasoline, F. hood of the car, G.  subway, H. truck, I. sidewalk

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