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Government Day At Amity Middle School In Orange

Government Day At Amity Middle School In Orange

On Wednesday, October 17th, students from Amity Middle School in Orange took over the government offices for the town of Orange!  It is an annual event when students step into the role of the town hall official with whom they are shadowing.  Jennifer Marganski, 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Amity Middle School in Orange, has coordinated this event for the past fifteen years.  “Every year when we get on the bus at the end of government day the students’ conversations are so inspiring because the kids have had a learning experience unlike anything they can learn in the classroom.”

Frank Cavallaro said, “Government Day is such a great time; we all wanted more time to talk with the government officials.  Some of us eighth graders even came back for a second year after doing it last year.  I’m definitely speaking for everyone when I say we had a great time.”

“Community service is such a major part in every community,” said Angelina Li.

Isabelle Rosewater said, “There are so many things that firefighters do that we don’t think about, but they do help the community and should be recognized for all of it.”

By the end of the day students learned about town government, the services the town provides, and the history of the Town of Orange.  Most importantly, Government Day is a success because of the willingness of the local town officials to support our students.

Front Row left to right:  Benjamin Wilson, Landon Rocchio, Erin Callahan; Middle Row left to right:  Luciana Dottori, Mallory Parlato, Evelyn Alfaro, June Lin, Selma Krehic, Grace Cavallaro; Back Row left to right:  Mr. Zeoli, Peter Ivanov, Lindsey Pidlipchak, Angelina Li, Frank Cavallaro, Kyra Shevis, Anthony Stankye, Sarah Ginsberg, Isabelle Rosewater, Janice Casey (Democratic Registrar of voters), Patrick O’Sullivan (Town Clerk), Fred Kendrick (Republican Registrar of Voters)

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