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“Giving Hair & Hope” at Amity Middle School in Orange

“Giving Hair & Hope” at Amity Middle School in Orange

Amity Middle School in Orange hosted its 10th annual “Giving Hair and Hope” event.  Over $18,000 was raised for the St Baldrick’s Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Teachers, staff, students, community, and family members packed the gym to make this event a huge success.  Area barbers and hairstylists donated their time to shave heads and cut pony tails of over 50 participants.  Entertainment was provided by Mulkerins’ Irish Dance Studio.  “This is what I love most about hosting this event.  It gives our students the opportunity to help others,” said Vicki Fielosh, teacher and event coordinator.

Picture 1: (back row, left to right):  Payton Bakis, Kate Sim, Chris Carlson, Aiden Courtney, Jack Hawes, Mike Kwolek, Adam Glassman, Nolan Smith, Noah Graver, Patrick Mizzone, Matt Carloni, Josh Hemstock, and Madeline Abdelmesih (second row, left to right):  Gerry Burns, Justin Hunt, Adam Mortier, Julieanne Pereira, Emma Curis, Arielle Chetwynd, Anachal Poddar, Aditi Chalasani, Jesse Della Camera, Annabella Gefen Alves, Greta Pedenski, and Cindy Clen (third row, left to right):  Chris Barberry, Dylan Lyons, Anna Saccente, Jenna Chizmadia, Isabelle Rosewater, Emily Barretta, and Roxanne Torrioni (fourth row, left to right):  Melissa Musante, Seamus Hennessy, Ben Cap, Brett Chodas, and Kayle Mingione

Picture 2: (seated left to right):  Jesse Del Camera, Seamus Hennessy, Patrick Mizzone, Matt Caroloni, and Noah Graver

(Photos by Jennifer Marganski)


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