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From the Elderly Outreach Director – April 2021

It’s that wonderful time of the year when people are either doing or have just completed their taxes. However, I want to point out that with the knowledge of what your income is, there may be assistance programs that you can apply for and get financial help. The renter’s rebate is one such program that can help the elderly or disabled. The phone number at the state to call for more questions is 860.418.6377 or locally call the assessor’s office. Also, something new this year, in response to the pandemic, DSS has changed some of the rules for the energy assistance program. There is no longer an asset test for the program so, if you qualify by income, then you can apply for help with the cost of fuel or electricity. For this latter program, please call Orange Community Services and ask for me, Denise Stein. There are other programs and if you call me, we can discuss them. Good Luck!

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