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“Fire Truck $50K Challenge” Exceeds $35,000

“Fire Truck $50K Challenge” Exceeds $35,000

Thanks to the generosity of the Orange Community, the initiative to support the Orange Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD) has exceeded $35,000 on the GoFundMe site.  While we are very grateful to those who have contributed, we have not yet reached our $50,000 goal, so the job is not done yet.

The cancelling of the Orange Firefighter’s Carnival due to the Covid-19 crisis has had a severe effect on the funding of the OVFD.  Proceeds from the carnival provide over $100,000 in revenue that help fund operations and the purchase of vital equipment needed to safeguard our town.

“Neighbors helping neighbors” is a slogan that the OVFD has lived by since its formation in 1925.  Members of the OVFD serve our town 24/7 protecting property, and more importantly saving lives.

Many dedicated volunteers serve the department.  Neighbors like Firefighter Lisa Kaplan answer the call.  Lisa, a mother of 2, has been with the OVFD for 11 years.  She has lived in Orange for 28 years and has taught at Mary L. Tracy for 21 years.  “At times, I was the only woman member.  Now we have three.  I have always been treated as an equal & fully respected.  No one EVER made fun of me and when there has been a fire, they sent me right in.” said Lisa.

On one call Lisa, with fellow firefighter Mike Esposito, were in a burning attic with flames coming up, the insulation burning.  They made sure they had an exit.  “Yet, we both kept on saying ‘We’re here together’ and kept asking each other ‘Are you Okay?’ as we handled the fire situation.” recalls Lisa.

We remember dedicated people like Al Pol, a member for over 55 years.  Al served until retiring at age 90.  He performed duties as a Captain and more than 30 years as treasurer.

REQUEST: Please answer the call; to support the brave OVFD volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy for the benefit of ALL Town residents & businesses.  To date, 246 donations have been made on the GoFundMe site by many of your neighbors.  You can contribute to the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge” by visiting

Orange is a close-knit community where we help each other.  Now it’s time for us all to step up and support our volunteer firefighters.

Our Leadership Sponsors (to Date):

PLATINUM ($5,000): Eastern Tech ● C.M. Presnick;

GOLD ($2,500): The Gregory Family ● Ruotolo Mechanical, Inc.;

“2% CLUB” ($1,000): Richard Russo, Jr, CT Fire Prevention ● Pat & Jim Romano ● Kevin Moffett ● The Marino Family ● Pio Imperati, Talent Source Group ● The Foyer Family ● Doris Knight ● Marino, Zabel & Schellenberg ● Armand Cantafio ● Trinity Point Wealth ● Orange Hills Country Club ● Steven Zamkov ● Ken-Mike Corp ● Jim Leahy.


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