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Even Less-Travelled Roads Need Occasional Upkeep

Even Less-Travelled Roads Need Occasional Upkeep

Highway Crew Chief Is Looking For Funding

Highway Department Crew Chief Don Foyer has submitted to the town a list of roads in dire need of repair.  He is hoping to get at least some of the work done this spring, starting in the month of May, provided funding can be obtained.

Topping the list are Broadview Road, Windy Hill Lane, Wagon Trail and Wolcott Lane; also the Glenbrook Road area, with Brookside Drive, Donna Drive, Dennis Drive and Richard Lane.  Those projects would add up to about 8 miles of paving, he said.  The price estimate attached to these projects is about $850,000.

In his memo, Foyer said these roads are in “deplorable condition.”  In fact, the condition of most of these roads is so deteriorated that a simple “overlay” of asphalt would not solve the problem.  Instead, they need to be “reclaimed,” meaning the old asphalt removed and ground up, and the foundation stabilized before new asphalt is applied.  Only Donna Drive and Dennis Drive and Richard Lane are slated for an overlay of asphalt.

“I personally would be glad to drive any member of the Board of Finance around town so they may witness first-hand the condition of these roads,” Foyer wrote in his memo.

“I know it’s needed,” said Board of Finance Chairman Kevin Houlihan at the March 15 meeting.  “I know some of the residents are complaining.  But some of these are not high-traffic roads,” he added.

Foyer’s list is extensive.  In addition to those mentioned above, his memo lists:

  • Garden Road (reclaim);
  • Wellington Drive (reclaim);
  • Rolling Ridge (reclaim);
  • Woodland Lane (overlay);
  • Manley Heights Road (reclaim);
  • Bea Den Road (overlay);
  • Dogburn and Spring Streets (overlay);
  • Prudden Lane (reclaim);
  • North Greenbrier Drive (mill 1 ½”);
  • Arrowhead Drive (overlay);
  • Sportsman Road (overlay); and
  • Squire Lane (overlay)

By Bettina Thiel – Orange Town News Correspondent

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