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Election Letter: Town Needs New Set of Eyes

How long is too long?  I always hear about term limits.  There should be term limits.  Maybe so.  I am not writing to debate this.  The voter has the control.  When someone has reached the top of their field and there is nowhere else to move up, how long before your ideas and leadership become stale?

How long before views become myopic?  How long does it take for a sense of comfort to overtake a sense of service and dedication?  How many years is a town leader in office before they become so comfortable that they don’t give their constituents the respect and ear they deserve?

I believe we are seeing this in Orange, right in front of our eyes.  This town needs fresh eyes to look at how our town is run, find efficiencies and progress.

Where are our tax dollars really going?  Does our current First Selectman really care about the average residents’ concerns, no matter how small?  Or does he dismiss them?

Connor Deane has already shown he has the temperament to lead.  The way he addressed residents at the Fred Wolfe Playground meeting was a clear look into what the future of Orange should be.

Please vote for Connor Deane for First Selectman and the entire Democratic team on November 2.

Gail R. Chotiner

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