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Election Letter: Town Needs Mark Moyher for Tax Collector

I’ve known Orange Tax Collector candidate, Mark Moyher for over 12 years.  I met Mark through my neighbor/his wife, Ilene.  During Covid, I had many opportunities to talk with Mark at our daily neighborhood walks.  He always expressed an interest in what others had to say and listened with the intent of understanding.  We had some really great conversations.  One particular day he and I discussed the finance industry.  Since Mark works in the finance sector, he talked about the stock market and the economy with ease and how Covid was affecting companies in different ways.  He clearly gets it.

Mark demonstrates clear, thoughtful ideas and has an extensive knowledge of financial software systems and back-office operations, which is just what our town needs to move us into the future.  I support Mark Moyher for Orange Tax Collector.

Thank you,

Sheila Millea

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